Soo Joo in “Secret of Snow White” for Dazed & Confused Korea May 2012 photographed by Suk-mu Yun

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Still feuding with Starbucks-

Hello, I became a water drinker, so I am like, onto writing
bio’s and being healthy and doing industry work.  They refused
to give me soy milk, or to “let me pour it myself”, so as a hot head,
I stopped going there.  Them denying that to us, is like them
saying “you ain’t nothing special”, we can switch it up on you
and you can’t do anything, so obviously, I have to like, do whatever
I can to show them they have no vital function here whatsoever,
and I am better off not having them anywhere near here.
Sorry if your a customer there on a regular basis, but they
are stepping on my toes by being here, and I refuse to continue
shopping there, until they acknowledge it, and even if they
do acknowledge it I will just continue being healthy and choose
not shop/ or drink the coffee there.

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Hey John, I am actually able to comment
on Cynthia Rothrock’s Facebook because I know
someone on her friend list.  Yeah, she has a comic
book character based on her that I told her I would
promote if she did something for me.  I’m waiting
for my idea to bubble, I went to the astronomy lab
at Pupin so I could use it as a story premise for this
lady’s party who I met doing a moving sale in Harlem,


祇園祭宵山 (by rin:)


when you pass an exam you expected to fail


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